Retrix – RetroArch Ported To Xbox One

Retrix (LibretroRT) is a massive project to bring all the cores designed by Team LibRetro to UWP


Retrix currently supports the NES, SNES, SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear, SG-1000, Megadrive, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and in the future many other platforms.

Here's how to take advantage of Retrix on Xbox One:

  1. Download the .APPX package for the Xbox One (29.4 MB)
  2. Once downloaded, to install Retrix on your Xbox One, you need to switch your console over to developer mode, this is the most complex step, you can either follow this guide by Team Pegasus, or spend an one-time fee of $19 to Microsoft.
  3. Enjoy! Retrix supports the local game for two players, and all credit goes to Albertofustonini to create and maintain the Retrix project.


Xbox One Game Modding Tool 'Vantage'

Now Available to Download

The first ever public Xbox One saved game tool called Vantage has finally been released on TheTechGame.

Amazing enough to can now mod 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on Xbox One, with this for free tool by Team Vantage, and since lots of positive feedback from happy users after its release earlier this week on Monday, they already looking at adding more!

We're going to look into BO3, Forza, and Gears of War!
— Team Vantage

For the latest info and downloads please check out the Official News Source below:

NEWS SOURCE: Xbox One Game Modding Tool 'Vantage' (via) TheTechGame

NANDOne v0.03 for Xbox One Released

@tuxuser has released a Major Rewrite of NANDOne for the Xbox One console, which now scans for the Filesystem Header properly and extracts all the File Names from your Xbox One NAND Flash Dump!


It has been a while since we hear from @tuxuser, but he is back and with nice little update to his previous NANDOne utility, so check out out today at his Official GITHub Project Page which is linked below, and start enjoy playing with your XB1 NAND Flash Dumps again!

Xbox One NAND Filesystem tool

Parses Xbox One Nanddumps for filesystem header and extracts the binary files. It's probably not very compatible and contains bugs for sure 😛



  • Python 3.*
  • Xbox One eMMC NAND Dump
  • Python libs: construct

For more info, please visit the official thread over at our TX Forums, and enjoy! 🙂

Xbox One Edge Browser Exploit Released

Xbox One Hack 'Proof of Concept' released by 'unknown2'
And its basically based on the Windows 10 'Chakra' Exploit!

Have you been waiting for an 'Xbox One Hack' well here it is finally, but it was 'patched out' by Microsoft recently with their Win10 Creator's Update that rolled out earlier this week!

Xbox One UnKnown V2

But still if you are an 'coding expert', and have an 'non-updated' Xbox One console laying around to enjoy this release all you have to do is replace the 'shellcode' with something meaningful for your own unique Xbox needs!


  • For Xbox-SystemOS version: 10.0.14393.2152 (rs1_xbox_rel_1610 161208-1218) fre, 12/14/2016
  • Other versions will most likely need modifications to the script.



  • It is not sufficient to start an .exe via shellcode
  • Exploiters, be creative!
  • It is desired to find a way to invoke edge engine when console is offline

Greets from unknownv2 & mon0 _

For more info, check out our very own TX Forums for all the dirt and low-down on how useful this 'exploit' is! 🙂

Xbox 360 Kernel 2.0.17511.0 RGH Stuff Released

xeBuild v1.18 and DashLaunch v3.18 with GUI to follow up shortly!
Surprising enough Microsoft rolled out a new Dash for their old aging Xbox 360 consoles, but it didn't take long for Swizzy and his team (deep3r, cOz, ikari) to roll out a new set of xeBuild and DashLaunch to get everyone up to speed on using RGH on the latest Xbox 360 dashboard.


@modrobert writes: "The RGH/JTAG related hack tools with support for Xbox360 kernel 2.0.17511.0 (latest) have been released, say hello to xeBuild, xeBuild GUI and Dash Launch. As of posting this Swizzy is still working on xeBuild GUI, but it will show up after release. Could this be the last kernel update for Xbox 360? Happy to see the #xbins FTP server is still going strong!"

FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS: Please see the following two threads on RealModScene for support, and latest info:


NEWS SOURCE: Xbox 360 Kernel 2.0.17511.0 RGH Stuff Released (via) TX Forums

DosBox running on Xbox One

Sources to be published in the coming days by the author!

    A Video on youtube is showing DosBox running on the XBox One. This is impressive and is not runnning on a hack.

Recently, the Xbox One was updated with a feature that allows anyone to 'Develop' apps/games for it, using the UWP interface, and even tho its very limited in the sandbox, someone been able to figure out a way to get 'DosBox' running on it, allowing them to get their Xbox One to boot-up Windows '95 and play the first version of Duke Nuk'em the video game, all tho the framerate a bit slow for now!

Developer vcfan has not released any binary at this point. Nevertheless, this looks pretty cool, despite the awful framerate. The Author says this can be improved though. Vcfan says: "Its slow for now because it's only using the cpu interpreter. The dynarec still needs work since it produces crashes on 64bit, but it flies with it."

In the video, we can see the developer running Windows 95, Duke Nukem 3D, and a tiny bit of an SNES emulator (but no SNES games).

That's pretty cool, and it would be interesting to see where this goes. This could quickly make the Xbox One a more interesting platform for enthusiast devs than the PS4.

In some of the youtube comments, vcfan has promised he will publish the sources in the days to come, so stay tuned.

So this is one story we going to follow for sure, as it seems the UWP mode on the Xbox One, might just open up some neat doors!

MORE INFO: DosBox running on Xbox One (via) Team-Xecuter

xeBuild v1.17 and Dash Launch v3.17 Released

Its been a while since we posted about new xeBuild's and Dash Launch's but its time to remember for our Xbox 360 modding crowd out there, they are always being updated and fine-tuned, and two of the best tools to use when the time comes to changing things around on your Xbox 360 Console, besides of course our own TX in-house tools and hardware, which we all hope you are using to mod your console with! 🙂

xeBuild v1.17


xeBuild brings together ggbuild and fbbuild into a single application for building glitch, jtag and clean retail images. (keyword: 360 jtag hack, 360 reset glitch hack, RGH)

New in this rel: Bug fixes. Add 17502.

Author: deep3r, cOz, ikari

Direct Download Link: –> xeBuild v1.17 via EurAsia

xeBuild GUI v2.098


This is a frontend/GUI for xeBuild, what it does is make it easy for you to select most options that you might need, such as Motherboard, SMC hack for freeboot, image type etc. etc. It is able to check what SMC hack you have previously used for JTAG it's also able to tell you what SMC version you have, and if it's a JTAG, Clean/Retail, Glitch or Cygnos patched SMC 🙂

Requirements: – Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later – Your CPUKey – A dump of your nand.

New in this rel: Now using xeBuild 1.17. Now using Dashlaunch 3.17. Now building 2.0.17502.0. All Dashboards are now downloaded from instead of from

Author: Swizzy

Direct Download Link: –> xeBuild GUI v2.098 via EurAsia

Dash Launch v3.17


This util will launch a XeX or CON file from the path you specified in the launch.ini as long as it's a valid boot path. Depending on the button you hold when the xbox is trying to load the NXE, it will divert to the xex/con tied to that button or return to default as defined in launch.ini. (keyword: 360 jtag hack, 360 reset glitch hack, RGH, dashlaunch) Check the included readme.txt file for full details. Dash Launch is currently ONLY compatible with: jtag: 9199, 12611, 12625, 13146, 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574, 16197, 16202, 16203, 16537, 16547, 16747, 16756, 16767, 17148, 17150, 17349, 17489, 17502. glitch: 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574, 16197, 16202, 16203, 16537, 16547, 16747, 16756, 16767, 17148, 17150, 17349, 17489, 17502.

New in this rel: Add 17502. Minor bugfixes.

Author: cOz

Direct Download Link: –> Dash Launch v3.17 via EurAsia

Well that's all for now folks, but remember to stay tuned to TX website and forums daily for more amazing scene news in the coming weeks as great things are soon in store near you for all our millions of Xecuter fans and beyond! 🙂

If you wish to discuss this news or get more info, please visit THIS NEWS LINK over in our TX Forums!

XBMC 4 Xbox – Version 3.5.3 is Released

Original Xbox is still being supported and used daily by lots of people!

Its amazing how long the road been since the original Xbox was released, and TX been rocking it everyday since, and XBMC been along for most of it, and still going very strong, as the team just released a new updated XBMC4XBox recently for everyone to enjoy on their now classic Xbox console!

XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 has been released. A smaller update again, but includes some weather and scraper fixes, and some library updates.

Changes since 3.5.1 include:

  • Improved compatibility with some Kodi addons.
  • Fixes for the TMDB scraper.
  • Fix for weather location search and data.
  • Python updated to 2.7.11 (including updated SQLite3/OpenSSL).
  • Fix for a problem with stuttering video.
  • FFMpeg libraries updated to 1.2.12 (the last of the 1.2 series).


Thanks to Dom and tim619 for contributing patches.

You can find out all the info and downloads from the news source links below, in the meantime even tho TX does not officially make products for the original Xbox, we still fully support them, and you can find out more in this TX Forum Link, and if you ever need help in modding your original Xbox just ask, and if you looking for parts, there is still a few resellers with them, so don't forgot to sign-up to our busy TX forums and check out the 'trader section' and more.

OFFICIAL SITE: XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 is out

NEWS SOURCE: XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 is out

Introducing the NINJA by Team XBLS

Team-Xecuter has joined forces with 'Xbox Live Stealth' to bring you the BEST in online experience!

The World's Only Solution With Complete AW Offhost Cheat Menus and Flawless AW/GHOSTS/BO2 Bypass with No Bans on Xbox Live for the ultimate in online JTAG/RGH experience, and bought to you by TX & XLS

Team-Xecuter been rocking the Xbox Scene since early 2002 and recently they joined forces with another old-school developer team called 'Xbox Live Stealth' and together they produced the NINJA, which brings you the very best in online JTAG/RGH experience.

Team-Xecuter development team has partnered with the original Xbox Live Stealth development team that was established years ago!

We are extremely excited about this partnership and we have been working tirelessly in the background to put our heads together and bring you an amazing product for anyone who wants to play online with their JTAG/RGH/RJTAG!

Our new, combined store front (operated in house by T-X), makes it extremely easy to purchase a redeemable "token" – which lets you add time to your console and use your FAVORITE cheats and hacks online. We have designed the most perfect Call of Duty bypasses available today (AW, Ghosts, BO2) to allow you to cheat on those games without ever being automatically banned from CoD!

We are continuing to develop our code and features every single day, and right now we have an incredible cheat menu for CoD: Advanced Warfare – which you can view on the site below – with plans to bring the same menu and customizability to Ghosts and Black Ops 2!

We will also listen to feedback and expand into games that YOU request from us!

For more information please visit our official store page at:

Here is some of the main key info on how it all works and the things you need direct from their official website:


  • Modified Xbox 360 (JTAG/RGH/RGH2) with latest xeBuild and DashLaunch installed (dash 17349)

What you get:

    FREE Advanced Warfare OFFHOST CHEAT MENU
As advanced as anything you have ever seen in Advanced Warfare!
  • FLAWLESS Advanced Warfare/GHOSTS/Black Ops 2 BYPASS
We are the only server bypasing these games with NO BANS!
Constant development means features are added and ban times improved with every update

Amazing things are happening everyday in the Xbox Scene, stay tuned for more great news from Team XBLS.


Aurora 0.5b by Phoenix

Aurora 0.5b Released!

End of January we gave you a preview of features to come for Aurora 0.5b. We've all been pretty busy, but managed to get it done.
Aurora 0.5b implements the following new features:

  • ConnectX
  • Content search
  • Quick Views


ConnectX support is back (dll not included). You can once again load your games over the network through an SMB share.

Known Issue: Some network setups might cause long wait times (1 or 2 min.) when initialising ConnectX after cold boot or connection loss.
This can result in one or more of the following issues:

  • Games on a ConnectX path will not be available until ConnectX is initialised;
  • Filemanager will not show ConnectX path until ConnectX is initialised;
  • The launch DVD button is disabled until ConnectX is initialised;
  • Launching any title before ConnectX is fully loaded will wait on the last part of the progress bar until ConnectX is initialised;
  • Other unexpected wait times (they will feel like freezes, but after the ConnectX is initialised, Aurora will continue as normal).

Please report these issues on our forums on RMS with as much information as possible.

Content search

Pressing X on CoverFlow will show the Browse window, in which you can search for titles by pressing X again.
The search results will be reflected on the CoverFlow view as well, until cleared in the Browse window.

Quick Views

Our biggest addition to this release is Quick Views. We know some of you have been asking to bring back the tabs from Freestyle 3,
however since the first releases of Aurora we've had our own ideas of how to combine multiple filters and sort orders into one view,
allowing for a tabs like feature, that would be fully customizable.
Due to the magnitude of the changes needed for this feature, it has taken us a few releases to actually implement it, but it is here today, in 0.5b.

A Quick View consists of an icon, a name, some filters and operators, and a sort order. On the main screen RB and LB will switch Quick Views.

We have added a few predefined Quick Views and icons for your convenience. These can be editted or removed (all except for 'Show All').
The order of the Quick View list can be changed, and a default can be set. The default will be used when Aurora starts.


  • (Updated) Localization to use positional parameters
  • (Updated) FTP Server class to support new FTP functionality ( SITE REVISION and SITE INITIATESCAN )
  • (Fixed) Skin Glitch in the Saved Game Scene by double tapping (A) button too fast
  • (Updated) Read Access permissions on debug.log
  • (Added) Named Content items in file manager
  • (Fixed) Crash when selecting Title Update Device
  • (Updated) Emulator Launch Data to use 64 byte file names instead of 40 byte
  • (Fixed) Launching Kinect Games from Aurora causing black screen
  • (Added) FileExists function to the FileSystem LUA Library
  • (Added) AddFunction method to the Lua Virtual Machine allowing dynamically created functions to become available when called
  • (Updated) Wallpaper Shader to use a dyanamically generated noise texture – fixes black lines when overscan is set
  • (Updated) Game Content Manager to use new Session variables instead of user locked filter settings
  • (Fixed) Issue where GameData would not delete when deleting a scan path
  • (Fixed) Issue where deleting a scan path will delete content items from the database in other scan paths under certain conditions
  • (Updated) Content Manager to pull date first from MarketplaceXML in the event it's missing from OfferXML with release date validation
  • (Fixed) Save game dialog allowing you delete when you shouldnt be able to
  • (Updated) Strings to remove double space after punctuation
  • (Fixed) Issue where scan would happen right after editing a scan path- and then ask to reboot while scan is occurring.
  • (Update) Content Callback to use a priority queue with FIFO processing to allow certain messages higher priority
  • (Added) New PluginManager class to support more plugin information in the future
  • (Added) Ability to search using the quick browse dialog. Supports string matching and pattern matching.
  • (Changed) Quick Browse button to Browse in Aurora_Main.xur
  • (Swapped) Toggle Favorite and Search buttons in Browser
  • (Updated) Browser to show solid (X) when search filter is active
  • (Added) Quick View system including configurators and selectors
  • (Added) ConnectX Settings Framework
  • (Updated) Loading process to load DLLs faster
  • (Fixed) Issue where NXE Installed games will not filtered as correctly as an Xbox 360 game
  • (Added) An Easter Egg for fun times
  • (Updated) NTP to use sendto instead of send- hopefully resulting in a more reliable direct connection
  • (Added) Additional status settings, including option for displaying quick view
  • (Updated) Theme Settings & Filter/Sort Settings to utilize new TextField XUI object
  • (Removed) ShowIdleStatus setting
  • (Added) IdleStatus setting
  • (Added) Support for Interlaced PNG images in the asset extractor (fixes some game icons)
  • (Updated) DashLaunch display text to be "Dashlaunch" instead of "Dash Launch"
  • (Updated) Virtual Path subtitle to have caption "Virtual Path" to distinguish it from the Path subtitle
  • (Fixed) Message box issue in Saved Game Scene
  • (Added) Some loading log messages to plugin loading
  • (Added) ConnectX Filters and Added "Hide ConnectX" filter
  • (Fixed) Livestrong issue with resuming asset downloads
  • (Fixed) Download missing assets bug
  • (Fixed) Focus Loss Issue when deleting items from the GameContent List
  • (Fixed) Download Missing Asset bug when cover json is valid, but empty
  • (Updated) NameFilter to use proper name "NameFilter"
  • (Added) Skin Animation setting to Skin settings
  • (Updated) Xbox360 Executable to properly rule out title dlls when determining if a game is a title
  • (Fixed) Issue with icon not showing up correctly for launch able games
  • (Fixed) Skin Animation issue for default skin
  • (Fixed) Fixed launching from root of a device
  • (Updated) Skin Meta to point to new site

Supported Languages

  • English – Default Language
  • German – Translated by Nachtgarm
  • French – Translated by Nord Sud Team
  • Spanish – Translated by Gromber
  • Italian – Translated by MatteIta
  • Portuguese – Translated by SpkLeader
  • Polish – Translated by Przemyslaw Kolodziejczyk
  • Swedish – Translated by Sopor
  • Turkish – Translated by Bomlife
  • Dutch – Translated by Mattie
  • Simplified Chinese – Translated by Zesty
  • Traditional Chinese – Translated by Zesty


Thank you all for helping us test our new dash replacement and we look forward to bringing you even more functionality in the future.
Special thanks goes to SpkLeader, Swizzy, Trajik, cOz, JPizzle, Blackwolf and Biohazard for their behind the scenes involvement and assistance in testing and preparing this package.


Please post bugs in the support forum, or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support.

Version numbers

0.5b r1025 Binaries
0.5b r1025 Skin
3.0b r801 Freestyle Plugin


Aurora 0.5b – Release Package.rar
MD5: 72EECA25FA42E62899A636739D196D7D

Note: This update is available via the Auto Updater in Aurora.

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